Our Operations

We have invested a lot of time and resources to develop a stable, efficient, and world-class operational platform. We apply a wide range of security measures that include disciplined adherence to local compliance processes and international best practice to ensure that your money, investment and personal information is in safe hands at all times. We regularly review and adapt:


  • Our security and data protection measures;
  • The way we deal with confidential client information and
  • Our operational platform relative to international benchmarks.


Operational efficiency and excellence is our aim


  • Our portfolio administration is outsourced to Prescient Administration Services. This allows us to focus on providing you with an excellent investment management service, while ensuring that through outsourced specialists, your portfolio administration is in line with global service levels and trends.


  • We have a resident in-house Investment Administrator and Client Liaison.

System back-ups

  • Backups of all our data is made daily to a remote server. This facilitates time-based contingency planning and sound data storage. In the event of an emergency, our access to data can be restored and will provide minimum interruption to our core business.

Disaster recovery process (DRP)

  • We have an off-site disaster recovery site which provides us with operational infrastructure in the event of a disaster. Within an hour, we would have access to live market data and within 24 hours, we can be fully operational.