Mianzo Absolute Return Funds:

Mianzo CPI + 3%

Mianzo CPI + 4%

Mianzo CPI + 5%

Mianzo CPI + 6%


Our focus is capital preservation. This is achieved by paying careful attention to potential downside risk and to provide asymmetric returns through protection strategies to risky assets. Our key investment tenets are a) Downside risk mitigation and b) Yield enhancing strategies.


The objectives are:


  • To limit negative returns in any 1 year rolling period and
  • To achieve returns in excess of CPI by 3% / 4% / 5% / 6% over a 3-year period.

Fund Managers:                         Luvo Tyandela

Launch date:                              January 2010

Benchmark:                               CPI

Weighted Risk Profile:             Medium

Minimum Investment:             ZAR 50 million

Management Fees:                   0.55%

Performance Fees:                   Negotiable

The Fund is suitable for Institutional Investors seeking real returns and reduced short-term return volatility.


  • Mianzo CPI +3% Fund
  • Mianzo CPI +4% Fund
  • Mianzo CPI +5% Fund
  • Mianzo CPI +6% Fund
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